A Message For Buyers

Buying a home is a big investment. For most people, it is the biggest investment of their lives. We understand that.

We understand that making the right decision on your home purchase will be a big factor in your overall happiness for years to come. We will accompany you to the closing table when you purchase your new home, and we want that to be a day that you will remember fondly as the start of a new and happy chapter in your life. As we help you find homes to consider, we will be thinking about the things that you share with us about your life and your priorities. We’ll visualize the pros and cons of each home as we tour them with you. We’ll alert you to any negative issues we see in the construction, design, and location of the house. As we work our way through the possibilities, some good choices will rise to the surface, and we’ll be a good sounding board for you to bounce your ideas.

Sometimes, you’ll want a lot of input and participation from us, and sometimes you’ll want us to give you a few minutes alone to see if a home feels right…or to share your thoughts privately with your family. We’ll watch for clues you’ll give us and try to respond with only as much feedback as you really want from us.

We’ll not be surprised if you want to press hard to meet a deadline, and we’ll also be expecting that sometimes, you may just want to take a break and wait a while. We know that everyone has a pace at which they are comfortable. We’ll try to match your pace, whether it’s a sprint or a nice, leisurely walk. 

You will have a price range in which you’re comfortable. We will operate within that price range and will show you everything within your specific target range. We’re happy staying in your comfort zone and won’t be taking you to homes outside of your price range unless you ask us to do so.

This process is not about us – it’s about you. You’re the star of the show. We’ll be watching and listening to your cues, trying to think of ways to support you in finding that special place that feels like home. 

Give us a try – we’ll work with you as long or as little as you like, with no strings attached!

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