A Message For Sellers

Well, we’ve been there…

You’re moving – either by choice or by circumstance.  Either way, you need someone else to bring their Home Sweet Home sign and hang it in your kitchen so you can get moving to the next chapter in life.

There are a million details to work out, and not enough time in the day to get them all done.  You need to be able to get your jobs done, and yet you need smart, targeted marketing to be customized for your home, you need someone to field the calls from prospective buyers when that marketing runs, and you need someone you trust to oversee the showings, the marketing, and in the end, the closing!

It just so happens that each agent with J.C. Thornton & Company is an expert in each of these fields.  We know this because we have a formula for success.

We Care

We start with people who care about people.  That’s something you can’t teach – either you care about the other guy or you don’t.  We would be a much larger company if we weren’t pretty insistent that each agent start with that quality.

We Train

And we train.  And we train!  Training is a career-long pursuit for all of us.  Sometimes, we get tired of it, but it goes on and on.  Because we want to be the best.  We want to know the most.  We understand that, in order to be on the top of our game, we’re going to re-learn the fundamentals many times over, as we continue to push all four corners of the envelope.

We Test

We are constantly in search of feedback, and we listen intently to what we hear.  We want to know what you think at all times, and we’ll be visiting with you at frequent intervals that you prescribe on day one.  We’ll be testing our marketing and asking questions about where buyers heard about your home.  We’ll keep our finger on the pulse of the market and on our relationship with you.  We want to know it when what we’re doing is working, and we don’t assume that it is – so we REALLY want to know it when if it’s NOT.  And that leads us to number four.

We Adapt

What good is all that feedback if you don’t respond to it?  We pledged on day one to be the most adaptable, most responsive people in this business.  We started out on the cutting edge, responding to the echoes of market feedback from home Sellers.  As a result, Sellers embraced us.  We took a long look at that and decided that we don’t ever want to be the “other” company who’s set in their ways and defending a position or a strategy that the market has outgrown.  So, we tweak our strategies, we adjust our policies, and we actually do that painful thing that everybody dreads – we change.

We change a lot.  One thing we don’t change, though, is ingredient number one.  We care.  We want you to succeed.  We want you to be happy.  We want this process of selling your home to be a pleasant one.  It is not a stated goal, but it just so happens that a lot of our clients become our friends.  Some of our agents are clients and family of clients who liked the way we work and decided to leave their careers to join our team.  We won’t try to recruit you!  We’ll just try to do a great job understanding your goals and working hard to accomplish them for you… and we’ll celebrate with you when they’re met!

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